Disinfection Mat


Featuring disinfecting, sanitizing, sterilizing, cleaning and drying. Clean dust/dirt/bacterial off shoe sole.

This product consists of 3 mats: rubber mat/tray + polyester mat + microfiber mat.

How it works: Put polyester mat in rubber tray, pour and fill the tray with diluted disinfectant. Step on the 1st mat, for cleaning and sanitizing, then step on the microfiber mat to absorb extra moisture. After that it is all clean and dry!

Large size for commercial use is available: 120x80cm.

A good mat choice for home/commercial/industrial indoor and outdoor entrances.

Get your flooring sanitary, clean and dry with this disinfection mat set today!

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Functions: Disinfecting, Sterilizing, Sanitizing, Cleaning

Features: Anti-Bacterial, Anti Slip and Anti Fatigue

Applications: Home/Commercial/Industrial Indoor & Outdoor Entrances

Material: Rubber, Polyester, Microfiber + PVC

Certification: EU REACH

Unit: 3PCS/SET (A+B+D)

Size: 73.5x48cm

Net Weight:  3.9KG/SET

Inner Package: PE Bag / Set

Outer Package: Carton (5 Sets)